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Edmond Town Hall, new home of Newtown Bridge Club
Edmond Town Hall

Newtown Bridge Club meets in the Alexandria Room on the second (top) floor of Edmond Town Hall, 45 Main Street, Newtown CT.

Game times:

  12:30 pm Mondays
  10:00 am Tuesdays
  7:00 pm Tuesdays
  10:00 am Wednesdays

New players are invited to join us anytime. Game fee is $10 per person ($8 for members). There is a 20-minute lunch break at the 10 am games; most players pack a light lunch or place an order for noontime pickup with the deli next door. Open sections at all games; Newtown Bridge Club participates in the Common Game.

Exclusively for players who are not Life Masters and have fewer than 500 MPs: Tuesday and Wednesday morning games offer a separate NLM section for four or more tables.

Exclusively for players with fewer than 50 MPs: A separate section for 49ers is held at the Monday afternoon game. 49ers are encouraged to come with or without a partner. Singles usually can be paired with another player but, if not, the unpaired single receives two coupons for free games and can join in the fun as a kibitzer.

Exclusively for newer players: Supervised play is a fun way for novices to practice and meet other players. Players are encouraged to ask questions while playing hands. Players may come alone, with a partner or with a group. A separate section for supervised play is offered on Tuesdays, 7:00-9:00 pm.

Learn to Play Bridge

Have fun. Meet interesting people. Sharpen your memory. Laugh out loud.

Easybridge!1 workshops, Wednesdays, 6:30-8:30 pm - for players who want to strengthen fundamental bidding and playing skills. In each workshop, the lesson is followed by the playing of bridge hands Play bridge! that provide practice in the evening’s topic.

Each workshop stands on its own so interested players can join the group at any time. $12 per session ($9 for Newtown Bridge Club members). Click here for details about Easybridge!1 workshops. April schedule:

Apr 6  – Opening the Bidding
Apr 13 – Major Suit Fits
Apr 20 – 1 Notrump Bids and Responses
Apr 27 – Overcalls

Easybridge!1 lessons, Mondays, 9:00 – 11:30 am - for those who have never played bridge and those who would like to return to bridge after an absence of some years. Each session will begin with a 20-25 minute lesson, then you’ll have the chance to play real bridge for 2 hours and earn masterpoints! Partners are guaranteed. $12 per session ($9 for Newtown Bridge Club members). Click here for details about Easybridge!1 lessons. To register, please contact Georgeann at or 203-748-5445.

Questions? Contact Susan at or 203-733-8525.

Make Tuesday Your Bridge Night!

Newtown Bridge Bits; pregame bridge lessons designed to sharpen wits and improve winning waysThe Tuesday evening game starts promptly at 7pm and ends before 10pm; partners are available for walk-in players (Tuesday evenings only.)

Newtown Bridge Bits, a regular Tuesday evening feature, starts about 6:40 pm. Bridge Bits are mini-lessons designed to sharpen wits and improve winning ways.

Refreshments are provided. There is no additional charge for Bridge Bits mini-lessons. Novice players are welcome to join Supervised Play 7:00-9:00 pm.

Need a Partner?

The Partnership Desk has current contact information for Newtown Bridge Club players as well as the list of players looking for partners. If you're new to the club and need a partner, please contact Susan at or 203-733-8525 for assistance.


The Newtown Bridge Club offers ACBL-sanctioned duplicate bridge games near the flagpole at center of town, on Main Street (Routes 25 and 6). Easily accessible from Connecticut - Newtown CT, Danbury CT, Bethel CT, Southbury CT, Brookfield CT, New Milford CT, Monroe CT, Bridgewater CT, Woodbury CT, New Fairfield CT, Redding CT, Ridgefield CT, Botsford CT, Roxbury CT, Sandy Hook CT, South Britain CT and Stevenson CT are within 12 miles - and Putnam County and Dutchess County New York including Brewster NY, Patterson NY, Carmel NY, Croton Falls NY and North Salem NY.

Newtown CT Bridge Club at Edmond Town Hall | 45 Main Street, Newtown CT | email: