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When to DoubleOn the Double

This series of workshops is designed to take players beyond the rote application of rules and to develop the skills needed to take their game to the next level. The 1½-hour workshops use experience from playing hands to emphasize teaching points. ACBL Accredited Teacher, Susan Fronapfel, presents the lessons. Refreshments are provided. Players are welcome to come with friends – or come alone and make new ones.

The workshops are appropriate for bridge players who want to develop their skills. Players may sign up for the entire series or attend individual classes.

On the Double is a 6-week series that will give players a firm understanding when a double is meant for take-out, penalty or something in between. Double is one of bridge’s most versatile calls and responding can be even trickier. These workshops will enable players to accurately describe hands in competitive auctions.

Tuition is $12 per workshop ($9 for Newtown Bridge Club members). The textbook, Improving Your Judgment - Doubles by Audrey Grant, may be purchased from the instructor for $9.

On the Double, Mondays, 10:00-11:30 am; Oct 16 through Nov 20, 2017

Workshop Topic Dates
1 The Takeout Double Oct 16
2 Strong Hands and Responses to a Takeout Double Oct 23
3 More about Advancing Takeout Doubles Oct 30
4 Redoubles and Rebids Nov 6
5 Balancing and Advancing Nov 13
6 Delayed Doubles Nov 20

Questions? Want to sign-up? Contact Susan at or 203-733-8525.


Newtown CT Bridge Club at Edmond Town Hall | 45 Main Street, Newtown CT | email: